International Institute for Applied Knowledge Management from Novi Sad
under the auspices of the
Health Directorate of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of the Republic of Serbia
in cooperation with
Faculty of Occupational Safety, University of Nis
Faculty of Technical Sciences Unversity of Novi Sad
– Department for Environmental
Engineering and the Occupational Safety
International Institute for Applied Knowledge Management, USA

Regional international conference on
21 - 23rd September, 2015

Venue: Zlatibor - hotel Palisad


Changes to labor laws
Amendments to the Law on Safety and Health at Work
The role of labor inspectorates and controls the implementation of protection measures
Log in OSH
Legal Stuff
Risk assessment in the workplace and working environment
Risk Management
Methods of risk assessment
Experience in risk assessment
Occupational Medicine
Insurance against injuries and occupational diseases
Harassment at work, stress and mobbing
Personal Protective Equipment
Technical and technological aspects of protection
Inspection and testing of work equipment
Inspection and testing of the working environment
Coaching, training and education
OHSAS 18001
Another quality standards in order to protect
Coordinators and risk assessment on construction sites
Risk assessment for manual handling of loads
Hazardous materials and chemicals
Risk assessment when working with screens
Implementation of new regulations on noise and vibration
Mutagenic and carcinogenic
Assessment of the risk of explosion
Organization of protection
Economics protection
Sociology protection
Fire risks and protection
Protecting the environment
Protection and rescue in emergency situations
. Risk Assessment of Information System
Risk assessment of business systems