Only original papers not previously published and not submitted for publishing elsewhere at the same time are accepted for the conference. The papers are anonymously reviewed by referees and then editors decide about their publishing. To be included in the peer review procedure, the paper proposed for publication should be prepared according to the instructions below. Improperly prepared manuscripts will be returned to their authors for modifications.
The electronic version of the article. Use recent versions of Microsoft Word. The filename should be given as follows: Autor1the first three words of the title.doc. For example: PetrovicAnalysis methods procene.doc
The length and format. It is recommended that the entire manuscript has from 6 to 8 pages. The text should be justified and written in Times New Roman (font size 12) with spacing of 1 line (single) on paper format A4 (210 x 297 mm) with margins (left, right, top and bottom) of 2 cm.
The title of the paper is centered and written in capital letters (font size 14, bold). Below the title write the names of authors and their affiliations. The author responsible for correspondence with the editorial board must specify his/her e-mail address for contact.
The summary is at the beginning of the paper and does not exceed 200 words. It contains the objective of the paper, applied methods, main results and conclusions. The font size is 10.
Key words are listed below the summary. There are between three and six of them. The font is 10 point, italic.
Мain headings are given in capital letters (font size 12, bold), and are aligned with the left margin.
Subheadings should be written in capital and lowercase letters (font size 12, bold), aligned to the left margin.
Illustrations. Each figure (photograph, drawing or chart) and table must have its serial number, title and if necessary a legend (the explanation of marks, codes, abbreviations, etc.). The text is given below the figure and above the table. Numbering of figures and tables is written in Arabic numerals.
A drawing or a chart must be placed in a separate block for easier manipulation in the text, or inserted from a file made in any conventional graphics program. Beneath the figure write for instance:
Figure 2 – Fire extinguishing in the oil refinary
It is the best to send figures separately, indicating where in the text to be inserted, and in higher resolution to obtain better quality in print.
Bulleting should be done as follows:
• The data used in the papers must not be secret
• Authors are responsible for the content of their papers
• Authors are responsible for the quality of translation.
Bibliography (literature list) arrangement
In the text of the paper references to literature are numbered in square brackets [1]. The list should include references numbered in sequence as they appear in the text. The reference list is attached at the end of the paper in the following way:
[1] Willis BA, Mineral Processing Technology, Oxford, Perganom Press, 1979, p. 35 (for the chapter in the book)
[2] Ernst, Research Policy, 30 (2001) 143-157 (for the article in the magazine)
[3] (retrieval date) (for web content)
[4] Regulation on the mode and procedure of risk assessment in the workplace and in the work environment (“Official Gazette of RS”. No. 72/06, 84/06 and 30/10) (for the document without the author)
Information on authors is to be at the end of the article and it includes: name and surname, position, institution with its address and zip code, degree, academic title, telephone number and e-mail address.
Papers are sent primarily by e-mail, or in another electronic form.